5 Steps to Convert WordPress to Android App

Very simple and no hard work to create app using Appilix WordPress to App Maker.

Create an app for your wordpress blog - Appilix

Create App with your WordPress Website Details

First create an App in Appilix with your WordPress URL, Choose "WordPress (Blog/News/Magazine)" as "CMS Platform", Give your App name and create. Once this process is done, you are ready to start converting your wordpress to android app for next customization.

WordPress to Android App - Appilix
Appilix WordPress Plugin Installation - Appilix
Connect to WordPress - Appilix

Install Appilix WordPress Plugin

To allow appilix to access your wordpress articles, you have to install the Appilix WordPress Plugin in your Website. This plugin will allow you to design and customize your wordpress app from Appilix Dashboard.

Configure splash screen for app - Appilix

Upload App Logo and Configure Splash Screen

Choose a minimum of 600px X 600px image for the app logo. You can set a splash screen to be displayed on app load. A splash screen put a premium look for the App of your WordPress Blog. Also you can customize the time of how long you want to show the splash screen.

Website to APK - Appilix
WordPress App Layout Design - Appilix
Wordpress to Android App Layout Design - Appilix

App Layout Design

Customize App Layout to decide where you want to display what. You can customize your App Homepage, Article Page, Navigation Drawer other as well as all other layouts. Changes made on Layout Design will be pushed to all installed devices real-time without forcing the users to download again.

Build and Download App - Appilix

Build and Download App

Once everything is done, build your app and our system will build the final app in just 3 minutes. Before building, you can configure your package name and app version to maintain publishing stack. Finally download, test and upload to Google Play Store.

Website to APK - Appilix

20+ Layout Design Blocks

Customize your wordpress app layouts using different design blocks according to your choice

Post List
Post Grid
Post Carousel
Category List
Category Carousel
Article View
Page View
Comments List
Related Post List
Related Post Grid
Related Post Carousel
Nav Header
Categories Layout
Single Category
Single Page
Custom Link
Category Post List
Category Post Grid
Bookmarks Post List
Bookmarks Post Grid
Search Post List
Search Post Grid
Bookmarks Layout
Custom HTML
Action Button